Single Saturdays: Sabrina Carpenter – Skin

American singer Sabrina Carpenter has a new single entitled Skin

The song is about a girl who moves on from her former lover with confidence.

The music is Pop. It has a 90s vibe that parallels the works of Jewel, Aqua, and No Doubt. The rhythm is wavy and transitions from fast to slow – vice-versa. The composition is well-structured and has a natural flow. Ryan McMahon was in charge of this tune’s production – there’s a great use of G-Major within an incredible tempo. The music complement’s Sabrina Carpenter’s vocals nicely.

Sabrina Carpenter’s voice is incredible and confident. She has a great vocal style parallel to that of Gwen Stefani. She sings with boldness and rhythm.

The lyrics are empowering and confident. There are mixed emotions throughout the song, which makes sense when dealing with separation. However, it ends with a hopeful note. The use of repetition has an essential purpose of emphasizing determination and hope through the hard times. It gives the tune a lovely simplicity where a little goes a long way. Sabrina Carpenter, Ryan McMahon, Tia Scola wrote the lyrics of this fantastic song. The words are well-written with structure and precision.

The single Skin is available.

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