Single Saturdays: Nawal El Zoghbi – Aakli Wekef

Lebanese popstar Nawal El Zoghbi has released a new single entitled Aakli wekef or Aaqli weqef (My brain has stopped). The song describes the story of a woman feeling surprised by a sudden attraction.

The music is Arabic Pop. Ahmad Zaeem composed the single with an incredible mix of beats. The musicians are fantastic in this song: Moustafa Nasr (guitar), Mahmoud Shahy (Soloist), and Zeiro (Drum/Darbakeh). The composition is impressive, rich in rhythm and notes. The tune starts with drums then shifts into the soloist’s music and the guitar. This structure repeats twice, beginning with the verses, then picks up in the chorus. The sounds blend nicely into another. It has an old-fashioned touch combined with a modern twist. The song has a party vibe that reminds me of gatherings (when it’s not during a pandemic), especially weddings.

Nawal El Zoghbi’s voice is remarkable. She sounds rhythmic and follows the music. She expresses well the emotions of falling in love.

The lyrics are romantic and expressive. There’s a remarkable freestyle poetic writing with three out of four sentences rhyming (AABA). Ahmad Hassan Raoul wrote the song in a smooth flowy manner. The subject is relatable as falling in love, at first sight, affects your mind, and you can’t think. The explanation may be straightforward, but it still feels like a surprise. The song expresses that clearly and precisely. The words are simple but well written.

The single Aakli wekef is available.

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