Mickey Guyton’s Latest EP Bridges

American singer Mickey Guyton has released a new EP entitled Bridges. The themes are love, empowerment and social issues.

The music is Country, mixed with some R&B. The sound is catchy and modern. The compositions are impressive and well-structured. The rhythm is smooth and flows naturally. Each song has music that compliments the message or story behind it. The tune Salt has a fast, powerful beat to reflect the woman’s strength and confidence to stand up to her partner. Heaven Down Here is has a wavy pace to refer to life’s ups and downs by changing from slow to fast and vice-versa. The song Bridges has an upbeat sound, full of hope and positivity, which favours solidarity and compassion. The slow-paced music of What Are Gonna Tell Her has the sound of the piano that’s present without distracting from the message. The intricate structures are bold, especially with the tune Rosé with an upbeat melody. Throughout the EP, there are layers- the song Black Like Me, that vary from slow-fast-slow in a transitional manner that works well with its lyrics. The music is impressive, rich in tonalities and rhythm.

Mickey Guyton’s voice is beautiful and soulful. She sings smoothly with passion. She sounds confident and strong-willed.

The lyrics are expressive and bold. The songs express strong and raw emotions, especially What Are You Gonna Tell HerSalt and Black Like Me. Those three examples are thought-provoking. “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” is about the misinformation that young women believe life will be fair. Still, in reality, it’s about the struggles, including being victims of sexual misconduct. It’s a relevant topic, even now. The song Salt is a metaphor for a woman’s payback after being wronged by a man. Black Like Me is a powerful one as it describes the struggles black people face daily. The Bridges tune is about bringing people together. Heaven Down Here is about praying for peace on earth, and heaven is a symbol of that. Rosé is about living life to the fullest but also, in this case, the subject enjoys savouring the drink Rosé. The song has a smart double meaning. Each tune represents different lessons of life.

The EP Bridges is available.

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