Single Saturdays: Najwa Karam – Maazour Albi

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam has a new single out entitled Maazour Albi  (my excused heart)*. The song is about a girl falling deeply in love because the heart beats for the person whose love has taken over them. 

The music is Arabic Pop. It has a sound to which one may dance with dabkeh. The beat sounds similar to traditional Middle Eastern music. Ali Hassoun, the composer, blended an incredible mix of old and new/modern. The composition is well-structured with an intricate blend of tempo, including when it’s slow then gradually increases in tempo as it heads into the chorus. The sound of the tambourine’s chimes adds a traditional Arabic sound with a modern beat of drums. The party vibe has a presence throughout the song. The music is catchy and upbeat, which is unforgettable.

Najwa Karam’s voice is enthusiastic and bold. She sings with passion and heart. She captures the mixed emotions about falling in love nicely.

The lyrics are poetic and romantic. The subject feels overwhelmed by falling in love but also excited about it. There are powerful metaphors in this song that describe the intensity of a new desire or attraction. Each paragraph may be brief but is deeply expressive of the mixed feelings regarding this new love. The song’s style parallels classic hits by the late Lebanese singer Sabah, especially the works from the 70s/80s. Amer Laound wrote the words to Maazour Alby with a well-structured framework. The structure is well-organized in a four-lined chorus and two detailed verses, which express falling in love in great detail. The lyrics are well-written.

The single Maazour Alby is available.

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