Single Saturdays: Jonathan Roy – Lost

Canadian singer-songwriter Jonathan Roy has a new single out entitled Lost. The song is about a guy whose friend struggles with addiction and has intervened to help him out. 

The music is Alternative/Indie Pop. The beat is wavy, reflecting the “roller coaster” of emotions when dealing with adversity in life, in this case, addiction. The rhythm is smooth and follows the lyrics’ various aspects with an intricate composition that changes from slow to fast, then slow again. The tempo gradually changes in the middle of a verse to a faster pace heading into the chorus. Hearing the guitar in this tune is phenomenal to hear, giving the song a bold musical touch.

Jonathan Roy’s voice is soulful and deep. He expresses genuine concern for his friend struggling with addiction. He sings from the heart and with lovely care and respect.

Jonathan Roy, Jason “JVP” Van Poederooyen and Brian Howes wrote the lyrics of the song Lost with heart and soulThere are a deep thought and compassion into the words, full of understanding. One can sense that there’s no judgement but simply expressing concern and desire to help in hard times. The tune Lost symbolizes solidarity and hope for anyone fighting their demons and adversity in life. The song is an inspiration to me as well, having gone through some hardships in my life. It shows how essential it is to be there for the ones you love, to reassure them that everything will be okay and support them.

The single Lost is available. 

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