Single Saturdays: Joseph Attieh – Tabii Feat. Ramy Chalhoub

Lebanese singer Joseph Attieh has released a new single entitled Tabii (It’s normal), featuring Ramy Chalhoub. The song is about how it’s natural to feel upset or sad about something that bothers us or struggle to understand the problems one faces, etc. 

The music is Arabic Pop. The song’s style is a ballad with a slow rhythm that increases slightly to express the intense emotions one faces during a stressful period in life (i.e. separation or a heated argument). Rami Chalhoub composed this well-structured and intricate piece. The piano in the background has a beautiful melody to it that complements the song’s vibe well. 

Joseph Attieh’s voice is soft and husky, and Ramy Chalhoub’s vocals are also incredible. Their voices complement one another well. They both sing from the heart.

The lyrics are deep and rich in language and poetry. The song captures the “roller coaster” of emotions well and is something to which people can relate. The heartache and sadness in the lyrics are understandable and so deep. Ramy Chalhoub wrote the words to Tabii with heart and soul. He describes these feelings with understanding and compassion. The lyrics of the tune express what many of us struggle to say to significant others or loved ones in general.

The single Tabii is available.

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