The Bangles Manic Monday- 35th Anniversary

On January 27, 2021, the Bangles released their single Manic Monday. The song is about how people don’t like Mondays and the reoccurring challenges of getting back into the workweek. 

The music is Alternative/Indie. The beat is wavy, and the rhythm is smooth. The late singer Prince composed this classic hit. David Kahne produced this single. The band members are fantastic – they are the following: Susanna Hoffs (Acoustic Guitar), Vicki Peterson (electric guitar), Debbi Peterson (Drums), and Michael Steel (Bass). The combination of these instruments is impressive and complements the well-structured composition of Manic Monday.

Susanna Hoffs has an incredible voice. She sounds smooth and flowy. She expresses the sentiment many of us feel when Monday comes around again. Michael Steel does the background vocals with a soft sound. His singing complements that of Susanna Hoffs. 

The lyrics are fantastic and well-written. The late artist Prince also wrote Manic Monday. The humour in this song gives listeners comfort and a good laugh regarding going back to work on Mondays and everyday challenges. The words are fun and whimsical, and some of them are made-up expressions such as “fun day” and “run day.” The lyrics are easy to follow and remember. The rhyming follows freestyle writing in a structured way, with some classic poetic style (i.e. ABAB). The subject matter is a timeless one, just like this song.

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