Single Saturdays: MAX MLV – Deep in the Blues

Belgian singer MAX MLV has a lovely single entitled Deep in the Blues. It’s a song that covers the struggles following a breakup, including a sense of confusion. 

The music is Pop. It’s a touching ballad that has a well-structured intensity to it. T. Hellepute composed this song with a smooth rhythmic flow. In the beginning, the guitar sets the tone for the tune nicely. The piano in the background compliments the song’s emotions nicely. Then, the combination of the two instruments adds a musical depth to the single. The composition is impressive and flowy. 

 MAX MLV’s voice is smooth and deep. He has a rhythmic flow in his singing that genuinely expresses the raw emotions of the song. He captures the essence of the tune.

The lyrics are sad and poetic, full of emotional depth. MAX MLV and T. Hellepute wrote the song magnificently. The words are full of heart and soul. The tune’s poetry has fantastic freestyle writing. The title Deep in the Blues is a straightforward indicator of sadness and heartbreak. The song is one to which people can relate and understand the pain and confusion from a breakup. 

The single Deep in the Blues is available.

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