First Single Fridays: Crashdarling – I Know

Swedish artist Crashdarling (lead by Eli Stream) has released his first single under this new endeavour, entitled I Know. The song tells the story of a man who ended his relationship, and he regrets it a year later. Eli Stream wrote, composed, and produced this tune.

The music is Pop. The beat is catchy, with an impressive use of the guitar in the composition. The song parallels classic hits from the 2000s, such as a1’s No More and Same Old Brand New You, as well as Nsync’s Tearing Up My HeartThe fast-paced rhythm reflects the heartache the man is feeling from the breakup. The structure of the tune is dynamic and remarkable. 

Eli Stream’s voice is expressive and incredible. He sings with passion and heart. He also an innovative vocal style that is bold.

The lyrics are dynamic in covering the various aspects of a breakup, the back and forth of what he should’ve or shouldn’t have done. There’s an incredible to the words that allow listeners to understand how complicated and hard getting over a relationship can be. The lyrics describe genuine raw emotions from the pain of heartbreak. There’s heartfelt poetry written through bold freestyle writing.

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