Musical Discovery 2020: MAX MLV

The musical discovery of 2020 is Belgian artist MAX MLV. I have reviewed a few songs of his, in the past, including some as his original name Maxime Malevé. This year, he released many incredible singles- 2020 was a good year for his music.

This year, MAX MLV had a bold presence with his new music, which he released in individual songs. Each tune has its story. The compositions have new musical styles that are a mix of alternative and pop. The instruments are quite diverse in his latest material. He has remarkably evolved as an artist in the last six years. His voice has more depth and vocal range than ever before.

The lyrics of MAX MLV’s latest tunes are poetic and profound. The subject matter ranges from romantic to heartbreak and life in general. It’s impressive to see the progression of the songs throughout the years.

I look forward to hearing more of his music. I will review his singles in the months to come and any new material that comes along.

Happy New Year 2021!

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