Day 12: Jon Bon Jovi – A Jon Bon Jovi Christmas

American singer Jon Bon Jovi has released an EP entitled A Jon Bon Jovi Christmas. The record consists of three covers of Christmas songs from Rockstars Tom Petty, Elvis Pressley, and The Pogues.

The music is Holiday and Rock. The EP brings a nostalgic feel as well as a modern twist to Rock classics. It’s also a lovely homage to classic Rock. The record may contain only three songs, but it’s an incredible selection of the legendary hits from the 70s and 80s. The composition of each piece has its musical touch from the original version. Christmas All Over Again (Tom Petty) has a slower rhythm, but with a little increase in tempo.  The tune If I Get Home For Christmas (Elvis Pressley) has a lovely piano presence in the background to have a slow-paced beat. In the song, Fairytale of New York (The Pogues), there’s a rock-style addition to the Irish folk sound- it’s an impressive combination. There’s a lot of Christmas cheer in the album, which is essential because of the crazy times of 2020.

Jon Bon Jovi’s voice is incredible and bold. As a rockstar, he honours the three Christmas Rock classics nicely while having his take on those tunes. He sings with a wonderful edge and an astonishing rock style that he’s famous for, especially with his band Bon Jovi.

The EP, A Jon Bon Jovi Christmas, is available.

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