Day 12 Glass Tiger -Songs For a Winter’s Night

Canadian group Glass Tiger has released a new album entitled Songs for a Winter Tale. It has original material with cultural and pop culture references.

The music is Holiday/Rock with other genres as well. The combination of Rock and the sound of Classic Christmas sounds is impressive and blended nicely together. The Tigerbells mix of Happy Holidays has an upbeat sound that ends the album with a perfect note. The sleighbells, the piano and the guitar, are incredible throughout the record to hear. Alan Frew plays the guitar, along with some tambourine, both of which sound bold. Al Connelly strikes the guitar magnificently and in tune with the Christmas vibe. Wayne Parker is impressive with playing the bass. Sam Reid plays the keyboards with style. Lastly, Chris McNeill hits the drums rhythmically. The Steve Sidwell Orchestra adds a layer to the Christmas feel to the song A Wonderful Life. The compositions are incredible and diverse, with musical flavours. An 80s feel to it that makes it feel nostalgic reminds us of the holiday songs from that decade, along with a modern twist. 

Alan Frew, the vocalist, has a fantastic husky voice- he adds a bold edge to the Christmas vibe. The backing vocalists Al Connelly and Wayne Parker sing in sync with the lead singer. There are four duets with incredible artists: two with Roch Voisine (Happy Holidays and Joyeux Noël Mes Amis), Natalie McMaster (Song For a Winter’s Night), Steve Sidwell (A Wonderful Life) and Isabel Bayrakdarian (An Everyday Wish). The album has a song narrated by Canadian artist Gordon Lightfoot entitled Ode For a Winter’s Night.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. The songs are full of cheer and hope for the Christmas season. There’s one tune in English and French: Joyeux Noël Mes Amis (Merry Christmas, my friends)It’s impressive to hear the two languages transition from one to the other smoothlyThe album has pop culture references, such as the song  A Wonderful Life (with Steve Sidwell) and An Everyday Wish (a duet with Isabel Bayrakdarian), which add to the nostalgic feel. An Everyday Wish has parts of the O Holy Night smoothly incorporated into it. The tunes filled with loved and positivity make this record genuine and beautiful. 

The album Songs for a Winter Tale is available.

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