Day 10: Carole Samaha – Christmas Carole

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha has released a new album entitled Christmas Carole. It’s a smart play on words with Carol and Carole; well done! The record consists of Arabic versions of Christmas classics. 

The music is Holiday and Tarab. The compositions are remarkable as they combine Classic Christmas music and Arabic Tarab (Arabic classic music). It’s an impressive mix of East and West. The piano, the sleigh bells, the tuba, and the guitar combined add to the Christmas vibe. Carole Samaha composed Iyyam El Shiti (winter days) with a beautiful smooth rhythm.  Eddy Jazra authored Malek el Salam (king of peace) with heart and soul to honour the children during ChristmasZiad Rahbany did an excellent job composing Bi Akher El Shareh (end of the street), which has a beat parallel to his mother Fairouz’s music. It’s majestic to hear it as it has a nostalgic feel to it. Elio Kallassi was in charge of the arrangement of the songs’ structure.

The lyrics capture and portray the essence of Christmas. The writers of the songs did a fantastic job following the rhythmic structure of Christmas classics. However, there are three original and impressive songs Iyyam El Shiti (Carole Samaha), Malek el Salam (Nadine Ghassan Nassar), and Bi Akher El Shareh (Joseph Harb). Carole Samaha wrote these tunes with the formation of Christmas classics: Men Sini la Sini (From year to year) Santa, and Kel Eid wo Enta bi Kheir Habibi (May every holiday be blessed, my love). Another writer is Nadine Ghassan Nassar, who wrote Ta’a Nefrah Ta’a Nemrah (join us in the holiday fun) and Malek el Salam (King of peace)Nizar Francis wrote Erja’ Ya Zamane (oh past, come back) and Yassouh Jayi (Jesus arrives) with beauty and grace. Lastly, Joseph Harb wrote the lovely original song Bi Akher El Shareh (the top of the street). The words are poetic and fluid, following the structure of some Christmas classics.

The album Christmas Carole is available.

List of the Christmas songs with the lyrical structure of the classics

  • Men Sini la Sini: It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year  
  • Ta’a Nefrah Ta’a Nemrah: Here comes Santa Clause
  • Santa: Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree (D.A.W.N) 
  • Erja’ Ya Zamane: Oh, Christmas Tree
  • Kel Eid wo Enta bi Kheir Habibi: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  • Yassouh Jayi: O Holy Night

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