Day 7 Single Saturdays: Laine Hardy – Please Come Home For Christmas

American singer Laine Hardy has a new Christmas single entitled Please Come Home For Christmas. It’s a cover of a Christmas classic by the late Charles Brown. 

The music is Holiday and Country. It’s a ballad with a flowy rhythm. When the beat goes low, the moments express the heartache of missing a significant other, especially during the holiday season. The composition has a Country touch to it that gives a contemporary touch while still following the original version’s style with the Blues music. Also, it has the sleigh bells in the background. However, Laine Hardy plays the guitar, which is a trademark instrument in Country music. 

Laine Hardy’s voice is smooth, beautiful and husky. He sings with an old-fashioned style mixed with modern vocals. He performs, hitting both the high and low notes at just the right moment. He understands this song’s meaning in his singing, with a depth in his voice that impressive and bold.

The single Please Come Home For Christmas is available.

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