Day 7 Single Saturdays: 2Frères – Noël C’t’année

Canadian and Québecois duo 2Frères have a Christmas single entitled Noël C’t’Année (Christmas this year). The song tells the story of families not being able to gather due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Steve Marin wrote and composed this holiday tune.

The music is Holiday/Folk. It’s a beautiful ballad that has a bold sound with a rhythmic flow. At the beginning of the tune, there’s the sound of sleigh bells. The guitar adds a cozy and homey feel to the song. The violin adds a lovely musical touch. It also has an upbeat sound that inspires us to feel hopeful despite the current pandemic. Steve Marin did a fantastic job of creating a magnificent composition.

Erik and Sonny Caouette’s voices are incredible. They sound genuine and fantastic. The Caouette brothers capture the essence of Christmas by expressing their feelings about the holiday season during COVID.

The lyrics are poetic and from the heart, full of depth. The rhyming style is in freestyle writing, where the paragraphs of four lines rhyme by grammatical sound or by spoken words (something said through the Quebecois accent). Remarkably, the sense of hope felt despite the hard times we live in-the lyrics are well-written. Steve Marin did a great job describing how many of us will have smaller gatherings (with people living with us in a bubble or virtually), as well as remaining hopeful and happy during the holiday season. Hearing the song with Quebecois expressions makes it personal and genuine.

The single Noël C’t’Année is available.

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