Day 7 Single Saturdays: Gabby Barrett – The First Noël

American artist Gabby Barrett has released a new Christmas single entitled The First Noël. It’s a cover of a holiday classic.

The music is Holiday and Country. The song follows the original version’s classical composition and then switches to a Country touch. The melody has a soothing beat, and the guitar complements that nicely. The ballad has a natural flow, with a simplistic and beautiful composition that’s well-structured. The piano also adds a lovely holiday touch to the song and the overall vibe. There’s a tremendous and gradual change in tempo between the verses and the same just before the chorus. It ends smoothly with a fade-out of the music.

Gabby Barrett’s voice is soft and sweet. She honours the biblical subject nicely in this Christmas classic. Her vocals are bold and impressive – she hits each note at just the right moment. She ends the song with a lovely fade-out, sounding like a kind whisper. 

The single The First Noël is available.

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