Single Saturdays: Colton Dixon – Let It Snow

Country star Colton Dixon has a holiday single, a cover of Let It Snow. It is a lovely take on a Christmas Classic. 

The music is Inspirational and Holiday. The melody is soothing with the piano’s lovely sound in the background, along with the jingle bells. The tempo of the piano with a mini bang then builds up to a smooth rhythm. The guitar leading up to the third verse adds an exquisite musical quality and touch. The music of this song sounds suitable for a candlelit dinner for two. The composition is impressive, rich in notes and sound. The slow beat adds a cozy, romantic feel to the single. 

Colton Dixon’s voice is soft and deep, with an incredible rhythm. He sounds smooth and consistent. He hits each musical note with precision and style, following the music’s rhythm wonderfully. When I hear this song, it feels as though he’s performing at home in a cozy setting near a fireplace, in the presence of his significant other. He sounds sweet and romantic, which works well with the music. 

The single Let It Snow by Colton Dixon is available.

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