Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – 12 Days of Quarantine

American singer Chris Mann has released a new parody entitled 12 Days of Quarantine. It’s about life in quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic during the Christmas season. In contrast to 12 Days of Christmas, the song describes the quarantine’s various situations, such as remote learning and buying too much toilet paper.

The music is Pop. The parody follows the rhythm of the original Christmas classicThe mood changes from “calm” to “panic” to “confused” very quickly. The tempo changes to reflect the various moods felt in the parody humorously. The piano complements the shift in music nicely that makes the tune catchy. The operatic sounds remind me of the organ heard in churches that give the song a holiday flavour with humour. The composition is well-structured in the various beats and tempos.

Chris Mann’s voice is expressive and rhythmic. He captures the sentiment many feel during this pandemic, such as going stir-crazy, binge-eating and panic buying. His sense of humour is fantastic, as always.

The lyrics are relevant and funny. The song references the latest news (i.e. the pandemic, the British Royals, US election). It provides comic relief, which is essential during these strange times. There’s also a personal touch to it, especially the remote learning for the kids. The song is quite relatable and from the heart. It definitely can cheer people up during the holiday season in the time of COVID.

The single 12 Days of Quarantine is available.

Side Note

Thank you, Chris Mann, for cheering us up this year during the lockdown. Your parodies give comic relief and a good chuckle.

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