Single Saturdays: Patrice Michaud – À Qui L’aura

Canadian and Quebec singer Patrice Michaud has a new single out entitled À Qui L’aura (Whoever will have it). The song tells the story of a man waiting for love to give to the right person. Patrice Michaud wrote and composed À Qui L’aura.

The music is French Folk. The ballad is beautiful with a smooth rhythm. The drum beats, along with the piano and the guitar, give the song a dynamic touch. The transition of the tempo from within the verses then to the chorus is remarkable. The beat parallels the classic sounds of 70s folk music. The composition is fantastic and well-structured.  

Patrice Michaud’s voice is husky and soft. His vocal style is rich in tonalities. He sings this song rhythmically and with precision.

The lyrics are poetic and romantic. The song inspires soul-searching and hope during the journey of finding love. It’s deep and from the heart – don’t give up even when times get tough. The tune also a road-trip feel where the journey to discover where this lead is both exciting and terrifying- that’s something relatable. The words are easy to follow through incredible freestyle writing.  

The single À Qui L’aura is available.

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