Single Saturdays: Nicola Ciccone – Ils Ont Fermé Le Monde


Canadian singer Nicola Ciccone has released a new single entitled Ils ont fermé le monde (They shut down the world)The song tells the story of life during the lockdown in the time of COVID-19. Nicola Ciccone wrote and composed the tune.

The music is French Pop with a vibe of soft rock. The beat has a fast drum pace that reflects the anxiety of quarantine/isolation people feel and the uncertainty of its duration. The piano and the drums in the music complement the song nicely. The rhythm parallels the 1980s classic hits, including Take on Me by AHA and  Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. However, there’s a twist in the song’s composition where the piano makes it feel like a ballad.

Nicola Ciccone’s is bold, expressive and full of depth. He hits the right notes in capturing the emotions felt from life in quarantine and shutdown. He sings with empathy and compassion. 

The lyrics are relatable and from the heart. The sentence Ils ont fermé le monde (They shut down the world) represents life in quarantine. The song expresses clearly the mental and even financial struggles of being in lockdown. Many of us feel the uncertainty and especially look forward to travelling and moving freely, someday, as described in detail in this single. One mustn’t forget the importance of following the guidelines/rules, helping flatten the curve. The words are well-written and describe the mixed emotions of sadness, frustration, and understanding in taking the pandemic seriously. The song is powerful and relevant in these chaotic times. Stay safe, everyone!

The single Ils ont fermé le monde is available.

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