Single Saturdays: The Kiffness – Donald The Elephant

Disclaimer: The political views in this song don’t reflect mine or the artist mentioned in this article. This is simply a review of the song: music, voice & lyrics.

South African group has released a new parody entitled Donald The Elephant. The song is about the day after the election results announced that Joe Biden was elected President in the US election. It’s a parody of the Nellie The Elephant, a song by the British group the Toy Dolls.

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The music is Pop/Rock. The tune follows the composition of the original version of Nellie The Elephant. The music slows down before the chorus, then picks up in tempo smoothly. The drums in the background add the vibe of this parody. The melody is wavy and flows nicely.

David Scott’s voice is fantastic. He sings with an edgy style and without reservation in how he feels. It sounds like he’s having fun in this parody.

The lyrics are simplistic but expressive of the sentiment of many people during the US election. The parody follows the structure of Nellie The Elephant. The chorus in the original version ends with “Trump Trump Trump,” which works perfectly in this spoof. The elephant, the symbol of the Republican party, is incorporated into the parody smoothly, represented through a metaphor. The words are catchy and stay in your head.

The single Donald The Elephant is available. 

Here’s the original song.

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