Single Saturdays: Andrea Lindsay & Luc De Larochellière – Sortir de son lit

Canadian singers Andrea Lindsay & Luc De Larochellière have a new single entitled Sortir de son lit (getting out of his/her bed). The song tells the story of a couple whose relationship faces hard times with moments of hope.

The music is French Pop. This song’s composition parallels the classics of French artists like Claude François, Jacques Brel and Michel Sardou (i.e. Je Vais T’aimer). The piano in the background is lovely, hitting each note at the right moment. It’s an incredible ballad that has a rhythmic flow to it. 

Andrea Lindsay & Luc De Larochellière’s voices are beautiful. Their vocal styles compliment each other nicely. They sing smoothly and rhythmically in sync with one another. 

The lyrics are poetic and romantic. There’s remarkably rich poetry written in prose, without a chorus. The storytelling is impressive from the perspective of the two lovers, separately. The bed is a metaphor for wanting to stay in a dream world to escape the night’s darkness and life’s struggles. The river is also a metaphor for continuity but stuck from the obstacles in its way (i.e. a beaver building a dam and blocks the flow). In this case, the couple is at a crossroads or faces a significant set back from life. The words are simplistic but full of depth and imagination. The imagery of this song is impressive.

The single Sortir de son lit is available.

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