Single Saturdays: Laurence St-Martin – Si Jamais

Canadian and Quebecois artist Laurence St-Martin has a new single, Si Jamais. The song tells the story of a girl whose relationship has ended or is on a break. Laurence St-Martin wrote and composed the single. 

The music is French Pop and Country. The beat is rhythmic and combines the speed of fast and slow, which reflects the mixed emotions. The guitar, played by Laurence St-Martin, complements the song nicely. The composition is impressive and has a smooth transition from a slow to fast tempo, and vice-versa. Around the third verse, the music slows down smoothly, a way to focus on the lyrics. The whistling in the beginning and after the chorus adds a lovely musical touch. The music is incredible and well-structured.

Laurence St-Martin’s voice is sincere and hopeful, capturing the hope that the relationship gets back on track. She sounds rhythmic and bold. Her vocal style has evolved magnificently.

The lyrics are expressive and from the heart. The girl is hoping and offering a second chance to her significant other, hoping that the two of them are getting back together. The topic of heartbreak is relatable, including a second chance and mourning the dream of a life together. The mixed emotions are something many understand because one tries to make sense of the separation and its reasons. The words are poetic, beautifully written with both structure and freestyle. The song is full of depth. 

The single Si Jamais is available.

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