Single Saturdays: Sentiment Falls – Mistake

Swedish duo Sentiment Falls has released a new single entitled Mistake. The song tells the story of a person dealing with a breakup and runs into their ex, then hopes that the relationship wasn’t a mistake. Ronnie Wilde and Jesper Pettersen wrote and composed Mistake.

The music is Country. The composition is an impressive ballad with passages where the rhythm picks up the pace. The combination of fast and slow beats reflects the emotional turmoil following a separation. The guitar in the background is incredible. 

Ronnie Wilde and Andrea Bond sing beautifully together. They have a dynamic style in their vocal technique. Their performance is in sync with one another.

The lyrics are soulful and vulnerable. The song expresses complex emotions after a breakup, which is relatable to many. That’s especially the case when one runs into an ex. There’s poetry to the words that make this tune beautifully written and rich in language. It is incredible the transition of sentiments from sad to accepting the end of a relationship. The poetic techniques are impressive such as the use of metaphors and personification. 

The single Mistake is available.

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