Francis Cabrel’s Latest Album À L’aube Revenant

French singer Francis Cabrel has released a new album entitled À L’aube Revenant (To the returning dawn). The overall themes are love/romance, heartbreak and life in general.

The music is Folk combined with Jazz. The compositions are well-structured, a mix of classic French music from the 70s and contemporary beats. Having listened to old-fashioned French music, I felt a nostalgic vibe listening to the album. The guitar has a lovely presence in the record, including Jusqu’aux pôles (up to the Poles), Fort Alamour and Rockstars du Moyen-Àge (The rockstars of the middle ages). The musicology has a soothing sound. It’s something one would want to listen to after a busy day. 

Francis Cabrel’s voice is incredible, husky and bold. He sings with finesse and grace. Ha captures the emotion felt in each song, telling these beautiful stories. Parlons-Nous (Let’s talk) is a tune that starts with spoken word, then transitions into singing.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. The songs tell individual stories but with a common theme, love or heartbreak. Many metaphors symbolize love and romance, such as Les Bougies Fondues (The melted candles) and À L’aube Revenant (To the returning dawn). The storytelling aspect gives the record depth and meaning. The use of imagery is impressively detailed throughout the album. The poetry of the songs is a freestyle that is easy to follow. The words are well-written and intricate.

My favourite songs are Les Beaux Moments Sont Trop Courts, Parlons-Nous, À L’aube Revenant, and Ode à L’Amour Courtois

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