First Single Fridays: David Lafèche – We Collided

Canadian singer David Lafèche has released his first single entitled We Collided. The song tells the love story of two people who meet and fall in love through space metaphors. 

The music is Folk/Country. The guitar complements the beat of this beautiful ballad. The composition is well-structured with a wavy rhythm, in which the sound is soothing. I imagine listening to this song if I were on a road trip. The music reminds me of Tim McGraw’s recent album Here on Earth.  The transition is smooth from slow to a slight increase in tempo during the chorus. The rhythm is distinct and memorable.

David Lafèche’s voice is husky and smooth. His vocal style parallels Tim McGraw and Thomas Rhett. He sings rhythmically with an incredible and transitional variety of notes.

The lyrics are romantic and sweet. The metaphors are remarkable throughout the song. The first example is the milky way, which represents going with the flow. The second one is an empty shell, which symbolizes letting go of the past or old ways. The wildfire is another impressive metaphor about a passionate love growing and developing between two people. The tune is a journey in adventure and self-discovery, along with a love story. There’s magnificent freestyle poetry that flows smoothly. The words are well-written with heart and soul.

The single We Collided is available.

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