Editorial: ADISQ – Premier Gala 2020

Last night, October 28, 2020, ADISQ: Premier Gala, hosted by Pierre Lapointe, took place. Excellent job hosting the Gala. It’s the first of two events. It was a recorded event.

Congratulations to all the winners of the ADISQ – Premier Gala


Salebarbes and Les Hay Babies performed for the opening act, separately. 

  • Matt Lang is performing with Cindy Bédard the tune T’as Jamais rien compris à la musique Country (you never understood anything from country music). After that, Matt Lang performed his song Getcha.
  • Sarahmée and Miro perform a fantastic duet of En Retard Dans Ma Vie (Late in my life) and Le Cercle se Rétrécit (the circle is getting smaller). 
  • Nomadic Massive sang two of their latest hits: Quoi te dire & Bon Baguat
  • Nikamu Mamutin gave a touching performance of their song Tout un Village.
  • P’tit Beliveau provided comic relief with his single Income Tax.
  • Alicia Moffet & Fouki sang incredible a duet of their single Ciel.
  • Album of the year: Marie-Pierre Arthur – Des feux pour voir. Congratulations!
  • Video of the Year: Cowboy Fringants – L’Amerique qui Pleure. Congratulations!

Other moments I enjoyed include watching the artists’ perspective on 2020 in 20 seconds, expressing anything from struggle to time spent with family. 

After the awards ended, it was lovely to see the montage of clips behind the scenes and some bloopers. 

Congratulations again to all the winners! Félicitations! 

Flora Youssef

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