First Album Fridays: Émilie Daraîche – Eponym Album

Canadian singer Émilie Daraîche has released her first album Émilie Daraîche. The overall themes are love, heartbreak, and life in general.

The music is French Pop mixed with Country. The ballads on this album are incredible and parallel the musical styles of Guylaine Tanguay, Shania Twain and Dolly Parton. There’s a magnificent mix of the following instruments: the guitar, the banjo, and the tambourine. The vibe of the record is romantic and cozy. Finir Ensemble (Ending Up Together) and C’qui Reste (what remains) have a sound that’s similar to the works of Isabelle Boulay, such as En Attendant Noël (While waiting for Christmas). The music sounds contemporary, with bits that are a lovely homage to classical Quebec music. The blend of old and new is smooth, without one overpowering the other-very harmonious.

Émilie Daraîche’s voice is beautiful, silvery and soulful. She captures the emotion(s) felt in each song, depending on the subject. Her vocal style reminds me of two Quebec legends Isabelle Boulay and Guylaine Tanguay. She sings a lovely duet with her father, Paul Daraîche, in the song J’ai Souvenir Encore (I still remember).

The lyrics are poetic and descriptive. There’s a great use of imagery that allows listeners to visualize everything. The words are romantic, and at times, feel nostalgic. Jean Johnny Jean has a Quebec culture vibe that makes this song authentic through storytelling, a style that reminds me of Guylaine Tanguay’s Country songs. The same thing applies to another tune, which is C’qui Reste (what remains).  Après L’hiver (After Winter) is a romantic song that has an Isabelle Boulay vibe. The song Tous les garçons et les filles (All the boys and girls) has the sentimental and poetic subject about growing up and learning about love through first relationships. Some songs have a sense of hope to potential love, just like Si On y Croit (if we believe) and Finir Ensemble (Ending Up Together). The range of emotions is remarkable, from love to heartbreak, happiness to sadness, and everything in between. Je Suis Seule (I am alone) is about heartbreak and describes minutely the grief many people feel following a breakup. The songs have incredible depth and poetry to them.

My favourite songs are Je t’ imagine (I imagine you), J’ai Souvenir Encore (I still remember), Après L’hiver (After Winter) and Si On y Croit (if we believe).

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