First Single Fridays: Mike Robins – Lightning Don’t Strike Twice

Canadian singer Mike Robins has released his first Lightning Don’t Strike Twice. The song tells a story about the importance of seizing the opportunity of true love when it’s present. 

The music is Country music. There’s a transition switch from slow to fast in a musical mix. The verses have a slower rhythm because it builds up suspense, in an excellent way to the chorus. After that, the beat goes up in tempo to express passion in a new and true love. The guitar’s presence in the song complements the vibe nicely. The beat is wavy and rhythmic with a smooth sound. The composition is well-structured and intricated. 

Mike Robins’s voice is soft, soulful and beautiful. He captures the essence of the song. He sings about love with grace and style. 

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. David Thomson, Phil Barton, and Kyle Clark wrote Lightning Don’t Strike Twice. The lightning is a smart metaphor for the rarity of true love when it happens. “When it rains, it pours “is a phrase that perfectly explains the wave of feelings with love at first sight. The words are expressive and well-written. The verses have a detailed description of falling in love. The first one describes the woman the man meets in detail. The second one is about being on “cloud 9,” in which it sets in that this could be the real deal. The imagery is so sweet and beautiful. It gives hope for finding true love.

The single Lightning Don’t Strike Twice is available.

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