Chris Mann’s Latest Album Noise

American singer Chris Mann has a new album out entitled Noise. The themes are love and heartbreak. 

The music is Adult Contemporary/Pop. The album has an impressive mix of musical genres, including a Jazz vibe with instruments such as the piano and the saxophone. The beats are bold and catchy. The song Good Days has an incredible 90s vibe that sounds nostalgic. The compositions are intricate and rich in rhythm. Gentleman and I Do have a musical sound parallels Michael Bublé’s first cover album, Michael Bublé. It’s impressive the transition of the different musical styles throughout this record. Each song captures the emotions of love or heartbreak perfectly. The tune Noise has incredible beats that go in a wave in a catchy fashion. The music is fantastic!

Chris Mann’s voice is husky and expressive. He has two fantastic duets with India Arie and Missi Hale. All three artists have voices rich in tonality and rhythm.

The lyrics are incredible and full of depth. The songs are romantic or sad, depending on which one. The tune Old Fashioned is from the heart, describing the little sweet and romantic things couples do, such as ordering McDonald’s and drinking wine, lounging. The words are poetic, flowy, and easy to follow. Other romantic tunes are sweet and hopeful, just like the songs Honestly (featuring India Arie) Stop Loving You (featuring Missi Hale), If Ever You Leave, and I Do. Other pieces, however, have an edgier feel, such as Noise and Good Days. Each song feels personal and relatable with well-written lyrics. The popular topics of love and heartbreak are classics and timeless, which Chris Mann demonstrates well in this album. 

My favourite songs are NoiseOld Fashioned, Stop Loving You (featuring Missi Hale), and I Do.

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