My Silent Bravery & Maurico’s Collaborative Album- Live

My Silent Bravery & Maurico have released a record together entitled Live. The themes are love, socio-political issues, and life in general.

The music is a combination of Hip-Hop/Rap and Alternative. It’s old school sounds meets contemporary beats. The album parallels the works of P.Diddy/Puff Daddy and Mase, including hits Mo People Mo Problems, and I’ll Be Missing You. The songs are rhythmic, with an impressive mix of the two musical genres mentioned. When Maurico sings, the beat has a faster pace, even sometimes intense (i.e. So Foolish). When Matthew Wade performs, the rhythm is slower and adjusted, complementary to his vocal style.

My Silent Bravery leader singer Matthew Wade and Maurico’s voices complement each other. They sing expressively and with passion. Their vocal styles are bold and silvery.

The lyrics are expressive and full of heart and soul. The poetry, like the album’s music, has an old school feel. There are thought-provoking songs such as SurvivorMannequinsSo FoolishConfusion, In God’s Hands.  Survivor is a tune about overcoming life’s challenges with accomplishments. The song Mannequins is about finding true love in a superficial world. However, there’s optimism because the subject meets someone authentic and genuine.  So Foolish is incredible and full of raw emotions, referencing the racial tensions in the US.  In God’s Hands is about leaving everything in his hands and have faith. Confusion is about learning the hard truth but figuring out what to do with it. It describes in detail the difficulties people face or deny because of what they want to perceive. The fun and entertaining tunes are Bae Watch, Boom, and Midnight Rider. The words are well-written and intricate, with creative use of repetition to emphasize the feeling (s) or the subject at hand. 

My Favourite songs are Survivor, Bae Watch, Boom, and Midnight Rider.

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