Daniel Bélanger’s Instrumental Album Travelling

French Canadian and Québecois singer Daniel Bélanger has released an instrumental album entitled Travelling. The themes are a variety of things, such as life and nostalgia. 

The music varies from classic to modern classic. There’s a 70s vibe in some of the songs. The sound throughout the album is soothing and climatic at times with a remarkable mix of musical styles/ Some of the melodies remind me of the classic French music of Michel Sardou and the late Joe Dassin, among many examples. 

   The first and last songs of the album, Apertura and Finale, remind me of the operatic works of Québecois artist Marc Hervieux.  

     Froide était la gachette (the trigger was cold) sounds like old-fashioned Italian music meets Charles Aznavour’s La Bohème (the Bohemian girl). The mood varies from one melody to another.  La triomphe d’une perruche (the triumph of a parakeet) sounds similar to Western films’ score, including those with Clint Eastwood’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The music escalates with intensity then transitions to a smooth beat. Parsimonia is an impressive piece with the piano, the flute and an instrument that sounds like the theremin.

     Un grillon au parc national (A cricket at the national park) and sound like a TV show theme such as Batman and Spiderman with jazz bits.   Aux Champignons Par Temps Clair (to the mushrooms in a clear day) also has a similar composition.

    The melody Ondes Sensibles S’abstenir (sensitive waves that refrain) parallels the composition of the late Claude François’ 1968 classic hit Comme D’habitude (as usual) with theremin parts. It also has bits that sound like classical music from Japan.

    The song Chanter (singing) starts with a 70s hard rock similar to the Rolling Stones and Queen’s works. Then it mellows out with a semi-fast beat from the Alternative music style and tribal sounds. 

      Les disparitions sélectives (the selected missing or disappeared) reminds me of Michel Sardou’s songs Je Vais T’aimer  (I will love you) and La Maladie D’amour (the love “disease”)It also has parts that sound similar a couple of Claude François’ Le Lundi Au Soleil (Monday in the sun) and Le téléphone pleure (the phone cries).

    La Flûte Atomique (the atomic flute) is a song with a jazz vibe that meets Celine Dion’s classic Amour ou Amitié but with a faster rhythm and upbeat sound.

    Farewell Alan Vega is a song that has a piece of music that’s similar to the theme song of the 1960s Batman series. However, this tune has a more intense beat.

This album has a fantastic variety of rhythms and compositions from Pop to Jazz, for example. It impressive to hear music similar to classic French mixed with a contemporary sound.  

My favourite songs are  Ondes Sensibles S’abstenir, Chanter, and La Flûte Atomique.

The album Travelling is available.

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