Single Saturdays: L’Isle, France Basilic – Fais aller ton corps (feat. Random Recipe)

Canadian singer L’Isle along with France Basilic & Random Recipe; has released a new single entitled Fais aller ton corps (let loose). The song tells the story of a blooming romance from a woman’s perspective.

The music is French Pop with Rap and Jazz. There’s a combination of old school and modern beats. The tune is catchy and has a lovely and intricate composition. The mix of moderate and fast rhythms adds a musical flavour. The song starts fast then goes down to a slow note, then gradually increases in tempo for the rest. The beat is lively and full of joy. Thomas Hébert did a fantastic job with the sound editing of this song. 

L’Isle, France Basilic & Random Recipe’s voices compliment each other nicely in a bold way. Their vocals add an incredible dynamic to the song. They all perform expressively with edge and style. 

The lyrics are cheerful and romantic—the style of writing parallels works by the late France Gall. There’s incredible freestyle writing of poetry impressively combined with the classic structure of ABBA. The mix of French with some English verse is a nice touch. The song expresses well the essence to let loose and go with the flow. It’s also about being true to who you are – that the right person will love you for you. The words are well-written and compelling. 

The single Fais aller ton corps is available.

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