Single Saturdays: Rima Yussef – Bowseflak

Lebanese singer Rima Yussef has released a new single entitled  Bowseflak (I will explain to you)It’s a love story from the girl’s perspective, expressing how she feels to her significant other.

The music is Arabic Pop mixed with Electronic. Rima Yussef composed the song with a well-structured medley of a fast and slow pace. The beat’s modern touch adds a musical flavour to the single, giving it a dynamic feel. It starts with a moderate beat then increases in tempo gradually, which happens twice during the song, with perfect timing. It reminds me of Elissa’s single entitled Ayshallak (living for you), with a modern twist. The rhythm is beautiful.    

Rima Yussef’s voice is smooth and hits the high notes at the right moments of the song. Her vocal style parallels to that of Maritta Hallani, Cyrine Abd Elnour and Carole Samaha. She sounds sweet and romantic. 

The lyrics are sentimental and romantic. Rima Yussef also wrote the song with finesse. She used freestyle poetry with some use of the AABB style of writing. The combination of the two is quite impressive. She repeats the two first lines of the verses or the chorus to emphasize the deep love she feels for her significant other. True love is unstoppable, which is the vibe nicely described in this song. The text is easy to follow, yet the meaning has depth and emotion, full of passion.

The single Bowseflak is available. 

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