Single Saturdays: Adham Nabulsi – Mish Ayb

Jordanian singer Adham Nabulsi has a new single entitled  Mish Ayb (It’s not wrong or nothing wrong with that). The song tells the story about being true to who you are and forgiving yourself. It’s for the Arabic TV series entitled Min Al Akher (From the end).

The music is Arabic Pop with classical Tarab sounds. The beat is slow and steady, with joy that compliments the message of the song. Adham Nabulsi composed the song. The piano in the background is fantastic and adds depth to the lyrics of the tune. The music hits each note at the right time, and also the tempo changes at the right moment. For example, the verses have a slower pace, and the chorus smoothly increases in tempo. The composition is incredibly well-structured.

Adham Nabulsi’s voice is smooth and rhythmic. He sounds compassionate and sweet. He has a voice that’s suitable to narrate a story, just like this single. 

The lyrics are empathetic and full of compassion. The freestyle writing of the song parallels the ups and downs of life. Mazen Daher wrote the lyrics of this lovely tune with understanding and with no judgement. The words describe that it’s human to make mistakes, to feel different emotions like doubt and joy, etc. One should not feel shame but remorse and should learn from the error in question. The lyrics are dynamic and intricate, rich in poetry.  

The single  Mish Ayb is available.

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