Single Saturdays: Carole Samaha – Albi Wa’aa

Lebanese popstar Carole Samaha has released a new single entitled Albi Wa’aa (My heart fell apart*). The song tells the story about a woman dealing with her recent heartbreak.

The music is Arabic Pop mixed with some classical Arabic music Tarab. Mohamed Raheem composed this lovely melody with a slow but, at times, intense pace blending in the background. The composition is nicely intricate and well-structured. Carole Samaha’s voice is the music- that’s how powerful it is. However, the piano also has a presence that complements the vibe of the song. It’s a combination of the two that gives the tune an interesting dynamic.

Carole Samaha’s voice is beautiful and soulful. She sings with depth and sincerity. One can hear the heartbreak and sadness in her singing – capturing the emotions perfectly. 

The lyrics are expressive and sad. Siham Al Chachaa wrote the song with a poetic structure and short lines. The use of repetition represents the various aspects of grieving a failed relationship. There are two poetic structures: AABB and freestyle, which give the song a nice dynamic. The description of pain and heartbreak is well-detailed. The words are well-written and flowy. 

The single Albi Wa’aa is available.

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