Single Saturdays: Rachel Platten – Soldiers

American singer Rachel Platten has a new single out entitled Soldiers. The song tells the story about the importance of building strength during hard times. 

The music is Pop. The piano in the background has a soothing sound that compliments the vibe of the song. The rhythm sounds upbeat through the chorus, and it goes slow during the verses. There are parallel to two other pieces by Rachel Platten: Fight Song and Stand By You. The music is smooth and easy to follow. 

Rachel Platten’s voice is optimistic and beautiful. Her vocal range is incredible, capturing each emotion felt throughout the songShe sounds determined and confident to convey the tune’s message.

The lyrics are positive and inspirational, full of hope. The title Soldiers is a metaphor to “fight” against adversity, fear and negativity. The words are poetically well-written, with heart and soul. The message conveyed in the song is a straightforward one, which is to keep going, even when it’s tempting to give up and throw in the towel, including a relationship. There’s a beautiful depth that adds to the sentimentality and courage in the lyrics. 

The single Soldiers is available.

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