Single Saturdays: Josh Kerr – You Are The Town

American singer Josh Kerr has a new single out entitled You Are The Town. The song tells the story of a man dealing with a breakup and remembering his past relationship’s various moments.

The music is Country music with a modern twist. The guitar playing in the background has the right notes to convey the song’s mood through a slow and heavy beat. The composition is fantastic and beautiful. Some parts of the tune remind me of Tim McGraw’s recent album Here On Earth and classic works by Garth Brooks. The rhythm starts slowly when Josh Kerr sings the verses, then increases in tempo when the chorus begins, in both times. The music is incredible and intricate.

Josh Kerr’s voice is smooth and husky. He hits the high and low notes at the right moment. He sings with rhythm and style, capturing the emotions felt in the song. 

The lyrics are sad and nostalgic, expressive of heartbreak and grief. The song is a metaphor for how his love for the girl was his world. He describes the flashbacks of the relationship through various moments. He refers to memories such as attending a Bleachers’ game, remembering the girl’s smile, etc. One can relate to remembering moments again and again, and the struggle to move on. The words are poetically well-written in expressing the raw emotions following a breakup. The dept of the lyrics is remarkable.

The single You Are The Town is available.

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