Half Moon Run’s Latest Album The Covideo Sessions

Canadian group Half Moon Run has released a new album entitled The Covideo Sessions. The record has acoustic covers of previous singles during the lockdown/isolation.

The music is Alternative. Their acoustic performances sound like a “mini-concert” just as incredible as the studio recordings – the album gives a cozy feel. The sound quality is fantastic, especially when each member is recording separately in their respective homes. It’s impressive to hear! The instruments sound more present during acoustic recordings, even more than studio work. The song Undercurrents has a soothing rhythm that focuses on the music. The compositions are magnificent and well-structured.

Devon Portielje, Conner Molander, Dylan Phillips have incredible vocals in these isolation versions of their songs. Their creativity is impressive. They sing from the heart.

My favourite songs are Sun Leads Me On, Jelly On My Mind, Black Diamond, and Full Circle.

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