Grae’s Latest EP Permanent Maniac

Canadian singer Grae has released another EP entitled Permanent Maniac. The themes are heartbreak/breakups and love.

The music is Alternative. Some parts sound like Rock and Pop. The sounds of the EP parallel to those of the 70s and the 90s. The beat is catchy and edgy. The songs have tones that remind me of The Cranberries’ works, such as the tune Permanent Maniac. The music is flowy and rhythmic. The piano and the drums in the background add depth to the record, sometimes together or separately. The song Taxi has a composition that has a similar style to Billie Eilish’s single No Time to Die (the song for the latest James Bond film with the same title).  The arrangements are well-structured with smooth transitions from slow to fast or vice-versa. Incredible!

Grae’s voice is bold, smooth, and rich. Her vocal style resembles that of Sarah McLachlan, Billie Eilish and the late Dolores O’Riordan. She captures emotions felt in every song with style and precision.

The lyrics are expressive and descriptive, full of raw emotions. Permanent Maniac and Ex Lovers are songs that express the feeling of confusion like everything is spinning around the subject. The tune 2725 is a detailed description of a girl travelling to see her lover, who’s 2725 miles away from her. It’s romantic and sweet. It clearly describes how happy she is to see her significant other.  Bang Bang is a song about a girl whose relationship is a cycle of ups and downs that is exhausting and heartbreaking. Taxi is a fantastic example of a metaphor for the progress of the relationship. It also demonstrates with a smart simplicity a paradox of an immature man’s fantasy versus a troubled reality he denies the couple faces. Slow Down is impressive in describing the importance of taking a step back to put things in perspective. The words are intricately well-written with great poetry. 

My favourite songs are  Permanent Maniac, 2725, and Bang Bang.

The EP Permanent Maniac is available. 

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