Soundtrack Saturdays: Mulan Live-Action

The movie Mulan is streaming on Disney+ since September 4, 2020. The soundtrack is also available since the same day. There are 4 songs and 22 tunes for the score. I’m excited about this film, having seen the original one in 1998. I felt nostalgic listening to the soundtrack, especially hearing Christina Aguilera’s reprise of Reflection.

The 4 songs in the soundtrack are Loyal Brave True and Reflection (reprise for Mulan Live-Action) performed by Christina Aguilera, Reflection performed by Yifei Liu (also goes by the Crystal Liu), and Reflection performed by Coco Lee. In the last two versions, the artists sang their covers in Chinese, including Liu’s version performed in Mandarin.  

  • Loyal Brave True performed by Christina Aguilera, is a new song for the movie that is empowering and full of soul. The lyrics are poetic and complement the film. The music is fantastic and intricate.
  • Reflection (reprise for Mulan Live-Action) performed by Christina Aguilera, has a new sound compared to the 1998 version. The lyrics remain the same but still have a deep meaning to them. However, One can hear the evolution of Christina Aguilera’s voice. 
  • Reflection performed by Yifei Liu in Mandarin Chinese. Although I don’t speak Chinese myself, Liu’s voice is beautiful and soulful. The music is incredible in the composition and the rhythm.
  • Reflection performed by Coco Lee, also in Chinese. Coco Lee’s voice is magnificent and full of heart. The music has a phenomenal beat.

The score has incredible and epic music that complements the movie very well. Each tune is essential to the film and reflects a specific moment of the story. Some songs refer to classic songs from the 1998 soundtrack for Mulan, the animated movie. For example, Honour (or Honor) To Us All is one that I recognized right away from watching the film when I was a kid. Fight for The Kingdom has passages that have the music from the song ReflectionReturn to The Village has beat that follows the composition of  

Loyal Brave True. The overall music has a sound that follows the style of classical and traditional Chinese musicHarry Gregson-Williams did a wonderful with the score and the compositions for each song.   

The movie Mulan – Live-Action is streaming on Disney+. Enjoy the film and the soundtrack!

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