Single Saturdays: Kingdom Street – Walked Away

Canadian duo Kingdom Street has released a new single entitled Walked Away. It’s a song that covers the subject of a relationship that ends suddenly.

The music is French Pop. The beat is wavy and flowy, with a fast pace that reflects the song’s mood. The song parallels Pop songs from the mid-90s until the early 2000s, where the structures are similar to Walked Away. The composition of the tune is high quality with an intricate rhythm. The beat’s speed is in sync with the emotion felt at each part of the song, done in a precise manner. 

 Paméla Lajoie and Patrick Donovan’s voices are rich and complementary in this beautiful duet. They sound expressive and authentic. Their vocal styles are rhythmic and soulful, singing with raw emotion. 

The lyrics are descriptive and poetic with freestyle writing. The song has the verses in French and the chorus in English with a smooth change between them. The words are genuine and describe in extended detail the unpleasant feeling of heartbreak and sadness. The song also represents a sense of confusion in understanding an unusual situation or the emotions felt concerning it. The description of many flashbacks is detailed, describing how many go through the stage of wondering if one could’ve done something different. The crying stage of grief is the most difficult one because so many questions are left unanswered, and the song explains it clearly through intricately well-written lyrics. 

The single Walked Away is available.

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