Single Saturdays: Khaled Mounib – TakTekTelo

Egyptian single Khaled Mounib has a new single entitled Taktektelo (translation coming soon)It’s a love song about how a man wants to express to his significant other his deep love. 

The music is Arabic pop with a modern beat. Khaled Mounib composed this catchy song that combines Dance and Electric sounds. The composition parallels to songs performed by the late Amer Mounib, including Feek Haga (There’s something about you). The beat is fast and flowy with an incredible rhythm that compliments this Summer season. 

Khaled Mounib’s voice is getting better and better with time. He captures the mixed emotions of the song. His vocal style is similar to that of his late uncle, but with his technique of singing. 

The lyrics are romantic, expressing emotions of joy and sadness of missing the significant other. Tamer Hussein wrote the song with simplicity but also deep meaning. The rhyming is fantastic following the AABB structure. The words have an excellent flow that is easy to follow, even with a fast-pace singing. The lyrics are well-written.

The single Taktektelo is available.

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