Single Saturdays: Jérôme Couture – Keep Us Alive

Canadian and Quebecois artist Jérôme Couture has a new single out entitled Keep Us Alive. The song is about the obstacles that people face in their relationships. 

The music is French Pop mixed with Disco. Jérôme Couture, Corey LeRue, and Diane Cadieux composed Keep Us Alive with a 70s vibe, similar to the Bee Gees’ songs. The beat varies from slow to fast, vice-versa, as well as a mix of both speeds. The sound is bold and edgy. There’s an incredible rhythm to the tune that is memorable. 

Jérôme Couture’s voice is soulful and rich in tonality. He sings with suave and attitude. He impressive sings with a high pitch sound that fits the music perfectly.

The lyrics are romantic with flowy freestyle poetry. Jérôme Couture, Corey LeRue, and Diane Cadieux also wrote the song. The subject of finding true love is timeless and relatable. The tune describes how love is essential for humans in everyday life, including love for a romantic partner. Finding “the one” may be a challenge, but something extraordinary once it happens. It is impressive to hear French with some English in this song. It gives it a musical edge to it. 

The single Keep Us Alive is available.

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