Toni Braxton’s Latest Album Spell My Name

American artist Toni Braxton has released a new album entitled Spell My Name. The themes are breakup, heartbreak, and women empowerment. 

The music is R&B/Soul. The songs have a catchy and timeless sound similar to Toni Braxton’s classic hits like Unbreak My Heart, and He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me, with a contemporary twistThe beat is wavy and rhythmic for each tune. The compositions are well structured and reflect the mood of each song.  

Toni Braxton’s voice is harmonious and smooth. She sings and captures the specific emotions of the song perfectly. She has two fantastic duets with Missy Elliot and H.E.R. 

The lyrics are intricate and expressive. The album covers the subjects of heartbreak and breakups, with an incredible twist of words inspiring women empowerment. The songs Dance, Gotta Move On, and Do It are examples of women feeling empowered during challenging times, especially in a struggling relationship or during a breakup. Other tunes cover the difficulties of having to end a relationship or accepting a separation, such as Fallin’ and Happy Without Me.  The lyrics transition from pain, grief, and heartbreak to feeling empowered and hopeful. 

My favourite songs are Dance, Gotta Move On, Spell My Name and Do It.

The album Spell My Name is available.

Side Note:
The song Do It (a duet with Missy Elliot) has coarse language.
Listener Discretion is Advised

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