Single Saturdays: Justine Blanchet – Got Away

Canadian singer Justine Blanchet has a new single entitled Got Away. It’s a story about a girl who ends her relationship because it was unbearable. She also tells her significant other that she’s the one who got away.

The music is Country. The composition is smooth and parallels the works of Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, and some Carrie Underwood – a mix of classic Country Music and contemporary sounds. The beat compliments the vibe of the song nicely. The guitar and the banjo add a lovely musical flavour.  

Justine Blanchet’s voice is beautiful and bold, full of passion. She sings from the heart with a vocal style that parallels that of Carrie Underwood. She expresses the various emotions in great detail and transition from disappointed to confident. 

The lyrics are relatable and poetic. One can sense the challenges of deciding to end a relationship, especially when one deeply invested in it. It takes courage to make such a decision, as well as some confidence. The song uses incredible metaphors: the flames, the leaves turn to gold and the ocean. The flames represent destruction but also rebirth, in this case, a fresh perspective. The leaves turning to gold are about changes of seasons and getting rid of the old to create space for the new. The ocean is a representation of depth and vast areas, which also describes the world of possibilities. It starts with heartbreak but ends on a note of hope and confidence. 

The single Got Away is available. 

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