Orville Peck’s Latest EP – Show Pony

Canadian singer Orville Peck has a new EP out entitled Show Pony. The themes are love, heartbreak and life.

The music is Country music. The compositions parallel nicely to the works of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley that compliments the smooth mix of classic Country and modern Country. The EP has a campfire vibe, especially with Summertime and No Glory in The West, with the guitar in the background.  The melodies reflect each song’s mood on the EP, such as the case is with Drive Me Crazy (it also has a romantic feel to it). The tune Kids has a 1950’s style composition. The song, Legends Never Die, has a musical style that sounds like Shania Twain’s Country album from the 90s. Fancy has a slower beat that blends into the background to allow the lyrics and the voice to take precedence. 

Orville Peck’s voice is bold and husky. His vocal style matches a combination of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, singing with elegance and style. He has a fantastic duet with Shania Twain performing Legends Never Die.  

The lyrics are intricate and romantic. The songs are sentimental, except for Fancy. The tune Fancy is about a Country singer’s upbringing that had a lot of ups and downs, especially his relationship with his mother. The words are poetic and genuine. The song, Legends Never Die, is a touching homage to artists who contributed to the music world that their legacy lives on. Drive Me Crazy describes in detail the mixed emotions of being in love, which makes it relatable. The EP contains songs full of rich language and poetry. 

My favourite songs are  Summertime, No Glory in The West, and Legends Never Die. 

The EP Show Pony is available.

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