Single Saturdays: Mark Read – Smile Again

British Pop Star and a1 member Mark Read has released a new single entitled Smile Again. The song tells the story of a guy reassuring a heartbroken girl that everything will be okay. 

The music is Pop/Brit Pop. The beat is happy and catchy. The composition is structured, starting slow then fast then slow. The song parallels the famous hits Summertime of Our Lives and Take On Me (their version from the late 90s). The guitar in the background complements the romantic and cheerful mood the tune portrays. 

Mark Read’s voice is smooth and rhythmic. He sounds genuinely happy and captures that emotion nicely.

The lyrics are romantic and full of joy. The metaphors in the song represent different things in life. A page in a book, for example, is a symbol of change and the multi-faceted aspects of life. Rain represents hard times and also growth, leading to hope and resilience throughout the words, after difficult times. The lyrics are well-written and from the heart. 

The single Smile Again is available. 

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