Single Saturdays: Maurico & My Silent Bravery – Survivor

Maurico, with American band My Silent Bravery, has released a new single entitled Survivor. The song tells the story of a strong and determined person who never gives up, even when times are tough.

The music is Hip-hop/Rap with Alternative. The sound is upbeat and catchy. It reminds me of the music one hears to get pumped up for a workout. The composition of this tune is fantastic and intricate. The rhythm slows down in the bit, where Matthew Wade sings to represent a moment to take a step back before going back into the real wor  

Maurico and My Silent Bravery sing their parts separately, yet their voices compliment each other nicely. Their vocal styles are vibrant and bold, full of rhythm and style. 

The lyrics are empowering and inspirational. Survivor represents overcoming obstacles in life to get to the desired destination. The words “survivor” and “fighter” are in repetition to emphasize the feelings of strength, courage, and confidence, as well as hope. When one deals with hard times in life, Survivor is a song that I would turn to when I feel like life is chaotic. The expression “when life gives you lemons… you make lemonade” is apropos in this tune because the message is never to give up. There are also essential metaphors, such as the lock to show that real strength cannot break easily. The song has a positive message that I feel can reach the listeners who hear it.

The single Survivor is available.

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