Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – Keep Them Home

Disclaimer: The political views in this song don’t reflect mine. It is just a review of the song: music, voice & lyrics.

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American singer Chris Mann has released a new single entitled Keep Them Home. It’s a parody of Bring Him Home from the musical Les Misérables. The song is a critical commentary on Secretary of Education Betsy Devos’s lack of strategy to return kids to school.

The music is Pop/Classic. The composition is beautiful and rhythmic, the same as the original version. The song’s pace is slow and steady; to leave the focus on the lyrics—the violin and the piano complement the mood/ sentiment of the tune.  

Chris Mann’s voice is operatic and versatile. He impressively hits the high and low notes. He expresses the sentiment of many concerned parents about sending their kids back to school too quickly.

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The lyrics are structured the same way as the original version Bring Him Home. The song describes how parents are worried about their children going back to school during the COVID-19 pandemic without any safety guidelines. It’s also a message to Secretary of Education Betsy Devos. The concerns and worries parents express are understandable such as the line “Don’t use my kid for political gain” and “no parent wants their kids home for six months.” That is a universally relatable sentiment.

The single Keep Them Home is available.    

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